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Laundry Room Glitter Wall

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Glitter Laundry Room After

Your laundry room area doesn't have to be boring. Add some sparkle with Glitter Interior Wall Paint in a trendy color such as Copper.

PREP: Tape off and cover any areas you don't want to paint. Gently stir the Glitter Interior Wall Paint with a stir stick and pour into a paint tray.

PAINT: Use a 3/8’’ nap roller for best results. Fully wet roller with paint and remove excess before applying to wall. Roll up and down as well as side-to-side to blend glitter evenly on the wall. Build the glitter effect with multiple, uniform coats.

DRY: Allow the paint to dry to the ouch in 1 hour, to handle in 2 hours and fully dry in 2-4 hours. Allow additional coats to dry 2-4 hours between coats.