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Striped Ceiling-Fan Blades

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Ceiling fan with blades painted with white and blue stripes After

  1. Turn off the power at the breaker. Test the switch and the fan with the electrical tester. 
  2. Remove the fan using your screwdriver. Remove fan blades from unit.   
  3. Clean unit, remove all light bulbs and glass shades, and hang outside to spray paint. 
  4. Spray-paint fan unit with metallic paint using a sweeping motion. Allow to dry.
  5. Reinstall the unit.
  6. Clean fan blades. Lightly sand them to prepare them for paint. Remove all dust with tack cloth.
  7. Spread out the old sheet or drop cloth and place wood pieces on it.
  8. Spray-paint fan blades with matte paint on both sides. Allow to dry.  
  9. Apply three-inch stripes of painter’s tape.  
  10. Spray-paint exposed stripes with gloss paint. Allow to dry.
  11. Remove painter’s tape and reinstall fan blades to unit. 
  12. Turn power back on at the breaker.
  13. Enjoy!