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Give an Old Watering Can New Life

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Watering Can project After

Don’t toss that old, rusty watering can! With just a few coats of Textured Metallic spray paint, you can cover up rust and imperfections with a fresh new metallic finish. Here’s how you can refinish your watering can in a few steps.

  1. PREPARE: Always work in a well-ventilated area and use a drop cloth to protect from overspray.
  2. PRIME: Shake your can of Universal Bonding Primer for one minute after the mixing ball starts to rattle. Hold the can 12” away from the watering can and spray in a steady, sweeping motion. Apply two or more light coats of primer, slightly overlapping each stroke as you spray.
  3. PAINT: Next, shake your can of Stops Rust Textured Metallic spray for about one minute after the mixing ball starts to rattle. Holding the spray can 10-16” away from the watering can, spray using a similar technique you used to prime. Apply two or more light coats a few minutes apart until the can is completely coated.
  4. FINISH: Let the watering can dry completely for 24 hours before using.