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Write Your Own Wedding Reception Message on This Framed Chalkboard

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Wedding Reception Chalkboard DIY After
  • Estimated Time

    1 Day

  • Challenge Level


  • Tools & Supplies:

    • Picture Frame
    • Drop cloth
    • Protective gloves & eyewear
    • Protective safety mask
    • Chalk

Give guests some simple instructions with this affordable DIY decorative chalkboard project. Convert a smooth surface into something writable and personalize the message for your wedding plans and do it in no time flat! 

PREPARE: Remove glass from frame and make sure surface is thoroughly cleaned and dry. Shake the chalkboard spray paint for one minute until the metal ball rattles. 

APPLY: Over a drop cloth and using slow and steady, back-and-forth motions, spray light coats over the surface slightly overlapping each one until the surface is fully covered. 

FINISH: Allow paint to dry for 24 hours. Prepare surface by rubbing side of chalk on entire surface and erase.