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Wood Charcuterie Board

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Crackers, cheese cubes and other snacks on a stained wood charcuterie board.


A can of Watco Butcher Block Oil + Stain, stir stick, sand paper and other supplies on an unfinished wood board.


Dark brown wood charcuterie board with nothing on it.


Create an attractive, food-safe finish on a wood charcuterie board using Watco Butcher Block Oil + Stain.

  1. Prepare your wood charcuterie board by sanding with #150-grit sandpaper, followed by #220-grit sandpaper, in the direction of the wood grain. We recommend Gator Finishing sanding products. Remove all sanding dust with a tack cloth or vacuum.
  2. Thoroughly mix the Watco Butcher Block Oil + Stain prior to use and occasionally stir during application.
  3. Apply to the wood using a clean and lint-free cloth. If you wish to recoat, wait six hours and then lightly sand with a #400-grit sandpaper before recoating. Additional coats can be applied to build up the finish.
  4. Allow to the finish to dry for 72 hours before using. Hand wash before placing food on the charcuterie board.

Tip: Not dishwasher safe. Your charcuterie board should only be washed by hand.

Other Materials:

  • Wood Board
  • #150 and #220 Grit Sandpaper
  • Clean Lint Free Rags
  • Tack Cloth
  • Stir Stick
  • Gloves

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