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Wood Stain Bath Caddy

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Bath Caddy After
  • Estimated Time

    7 Hours

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  • Tools & Supplies:

Keep your bath items handy and dry with this DIY wood bath caddy. This simple project puts a naturally beautiful look in your bathroom along with being a functional piece. Handmade Sanctuary created this project on Instagram. Take a look! 

To make this caddy, first cut your wood boards to the length of the outer edge of your bathtub width. Cut two shorter pieces of wood trim the width of your bath caddy. Place your short pieces of wood about 6” from the edge of each side of the caddy and attach them with  nails or waterproof wood glue. Sand the wood to smooth out any rough spots.

Stain your caddy with Varathane Wood Stain following the directions on the can. When dry apply a minimum of three coats of Varathane Water-Based Polyurethane to provide durability and  protection against splashes.