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Rockin’ Vanity Stool

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Rockin' Vanity Stool after After
  • Estimated Time

    1 Day

  • Challenge Level


  • Tools & Supplies:

  1. Remove old upholstery from the vanity stool.
  2. Sand the legs and wipe them down with a wet cloth. Allow the stool to dry completely.
  3. Spray the wood with Rust-Oleum® Universal® Gloss Spray Paint.
  4. Add a cushion and batting that have been cut to size. Adhere with spray glue.
  5. Upholster the seat cushion with your desired fabric.
  6. Attach the seat to the vanity legs by screwing them in through the underside of the stool.
  7. Sit down and enjoy a rockin' new vanity stool!