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Create a DIY Unique Headboard

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  • Navy blue headboard behind a bed in a girl’s bedroom.
    Spray Painted Headboard
  • Green Nightstand
    Go Green Nightstand
DIY Unique Headboard After

A unique headboard will be the centerpiece of your bedroom and it will have your DIY expertise behind it! Just a few basic pieces from the hardware store and Rust-Oleum spray paint and you will create a one-of-a-kind headboard that can fit on the wall behind any bed. 



Project Steps 

Step 1
Shake the primer can for one minute after the mixing ball rattles. Spray the primer on one side of the luan backboard in slow, back-and-forth motions, overlapping each stroke for best coverage. 


Step 2
Let primer dry for approximately 30 minutes and spray on the Gloss Deep Slate in the same fashion. Let dry for approximately 30 minutes.


Step 3
Spray the already primed wood pieces with the Gloss Deep Slate and let dry for approximately 30 minutes.


Step 4
Spray the metal pieces with the Metallic Copper Rose spray paint in steady motions to cover the entire piece. Let all pieces dry for approximately 1 hour.


Step 5
Once all pieces are dry to the touch (not tacky), layout your pieces on the luan and measure equal spacing. 



Step 6
Attach wood trim pieces to the luan with a hammer and nail, making sure to connect the perforated metal in between. 


Step 7
Attach hook and eye hardware to each side of the back of the luan and string hanging wire between them.


Step 8
Hang your beautiful masterpiece above your bed and enjoy!