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Add Window Boxes to Your Home

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  • Floating shelves on wall
    Accent Shelves
  • Stained wood shelves on wall.
    Aged Wood Wall Shelves
  • Estimated Time

    2 Hours

  • Challenge Level


  • Tools & Supplies:

    • Potting Soil
    • Plant Of Your Choice
    • Silk Flowers And Ivy
    • Strong Plastic Bags To Line The Inside Of Your Window Box
    • Wooden Flower Window Box
    • Hardware To Hang The Flower Window Box Such As The Metal Supports Used To Hang Shelves

  1. Begin by lining the window boxes to protect the wood from the water and soil.
  2. Using Rust-Oleum® Stops Rust® Protective Enamel Paint, coat your wooden window box. Use paint that's weather and rust proof.
  3. After the first coat dries, be sure to add two more coats to give your window boxes a beautiful and durable finish.
  4. Using rich potting soil, fill your window box 3/4 of the way and plant one or two hardy plants.
  5. Add year-round color by mixing in silk plants and flowers, that will not need watering.
  6. Hang your window boxes with someone's help, for safety reasons, and be sure to be extra cautious with the fastening, as the window box could pose a serious threat if it were to suddenly come crashing down.