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DIY Live Edge Shelf

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Super Glaze Live Edge Shelf After
  • Estimated Time

    Approximately 6 hours

  • Challenge Level


  • Tools & Supplies:

    • Live Edge Shelf
    • Disposable Mixing Cups or Buckets with Volume Measurements
    • Stir Sticks or Paint Paddles (not power assisted)
    • Plastic Drop Cloth, Newspaper or Waxed Paper
    • Small Disposable Paint Bush for Edge Work
    • Latex, Vinyl or Chemical Resistant Gloves
    • Plastic Spreader or Squeegee
    • Eye Protection
    • Masking Tape
    • Level

If you love the look of live edge shelves, then you'll want to protect yours with a durable and waterproof epoxy that's easy to apply. The ultra thick high-gloss finish of Parks Super Glaze gives your live edge shelf a shiny, wet-look finish. 

Your surface must be level and dry. Clean and remove any oil, dust, dirt or wax from your shelf. Cover your surrounding area with wax paper, newspaper or a drop cloth. Before pouring, wipe the surface clean with alcohol or acetone to remove any remaining dust to ensure maximum adhesion. Protect the surface sides and edges with several layers of painter's or masking tape. 

Pour equal amounts of resin (Part A) and activator (Part B) into separate straight sided quart sized mixing cups with measurements. Stir thoroughly and gently with a stir stick for a minimum of 3 minutes (no more than 5 minutes). Then, pour the mixed Parts A & B container into a new clean container. Stir gently and thoroughly with a stir stick and try to  limit air bubbles from entering the mixture.

Super Glaze will begin to cure as soon as it is mixed; therefore it is best to pour immediately after mixing. Spread mixture in single direction over the entire surface. Do not continue to spread material once it starts to set up, otherwise it will not self-level during the curing process.

Remove surface bubbles when the surface is still wet. Please be sure to read all instructions and tips included in the kit before using Super Glaze.

Allow Super Glaze to fully cure for 72 hours in a dust-free area.