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A DIY Shamrock Door Hanger for St. Patrick’s Day

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This DIY shamrock door hanger makes it easy to show off your St. Patrick’s Day spirit! Here’s how to make it in a few steps:

  1. PREPARE: Setup your workspace in a well-ventilated area and place a drop cloth down to protect from overspray.
  2. GLITTER: Shake your can of glitter spray paint in Gold for about one minute after the mixing ball starts to rattle. Then, hold the can 12-14” away from the shamrock and spray in a steady sweeping motion over the entire thing. Apply multiple light coats to the shamrock a few minutes apart until it’s completely covered. Then, let the glitter dry for 20 minutes.
  3. SEAL: Next, use the same technique you used with the glitter to apply a few light coats of Glitter Clear Sealer as a topcoat on the shamrock.
  4. PAINT: Now, it’s time to paint your letter. Shake your can of Ultra Cover 2x Gloss spray paint in Gloss Meadow Green for one minute after the mixing ball begins to rattle. Then, hold the can 10-16” away from the letter and spray a few light, even coats a few minutes apart until the letter is completely covered.
  5. FINISH: Let your letter and shamrock dry completely for 24 hours. Then, attach the letter to the center of the shamrock with a glue gun. Use your hole punch to punch two holes in the top of the shamrock, and string decorative ribbon through. Hang your shamrock on the front door and enjoy!