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  • EPOXYSHIELD Garage Floor
  • Finishing An Exhaust Manifold
    Finishing An Exhaust Manifold with High Heat Primer and Paint
  • Estimated Time

    Approximately 1 hour

  • Challenge Level


  • Tools & Supplies:

    • Factor 4 Synthetic Wax System Kit
    • Large Bucket
    • 1 Gallon of Water
    • Sponge or Clay Bar
    • Wax and Tar Remover (optional)

Factor 4® uses electrofusion technology to create a long-lasting beautiful synthetic wax finish on your vehicle that could last up to three years. The positive ions in the wash bond with the negative ions in the wax to provide long-lasting protection from dirt and debris. One application is all that's needed for the showroom shine you've always wanted. 

STEP 1: Shake the Deep Cleaning Wash well. Pour entire bottle into a gallon of water. Wash car with sponge or clay bar. Use a wax and tar remover if needed. Leave wash on the vehicle’s paint for approximately 15 minutes to ensure positive ions adhere to the negative ions in the Synthetic Wax. Rinse and dry vehicle.

STEP 2: In the shade, apply several small dabs of Synthetic Wax to the included applicator pad.  Do not buff off immediately, the wax needs time to fuse to your car’s clear coat. The wax will tell you when it's time to remove by changing from white to a hazy, translucent white.

STEP 3: Once the wax has turned to a hazy, translucent white, buff off with the included microfiber towel. Continue until your entire vehicle is waxed and buffed to a stunning shine.

TIP: Do not use an automatic car wash after application. Hand wash for best results and the longest lasting finish.