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Rustoleum Blacktop Driveway Sealer

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  • Estimated Time

    1 Hour

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  1. Clean the surface - I used a gas powered leaf blower, you can use a stiff bristle broom.
  2. Open a bucket of Rust-Oleum® EPOXYSHIELD® Blacktop Coating. Use a drill with a stirring attachment to mix the acrylic thoroughly with the rubberized polymers. Or use a paint stick; either way it mixes easily.
  3. Bring the bucket to the work area of the blacktop. You can dip the roller into the bucket and apply to the driveway, or pour some mix onto the driveway and distribute that way. This second method covered the small dips much better than rolling.
  4. Feather the edges to cover adjoining sections of your work. You can coat the edges before or after you lay the main section, or as you go. Work quickly on a sunny day to spread the coating as broadly as you can.
  5. Cleanup is easy with water and some soap. Any coating on your hands will rub right off! Tools, too.
  6. Go back to the store where you bought the first buckets and beg for the sale price again, because you'll need more than you planned to complete your driveway! But the finished coating looks great!