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Wipe Away Oxidation on Your Headlights

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See the road more clearly when you wipe away seasons of oxidation in just a few minutes. Wipe New Headlight Restore cleans and protects against further cloudiness with a few swipes of the cloth.

CLEAN: Make sure your headlights are thoroughly clean and dry. We recommend using Krud Kutter All-Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser and a lint-free cloth.

PREP: Spray your headlight lens with water and using the green side of the included polishing pad, sand the headlight to remove oxidation. Keep the lens wet while sanding. Sand until the water runoff turns clear. Rewet the headlight lens and sand with the gray side of the polishing pad. When the headlight can be seen clearly through the wetness, it's ready for the next step. Repeat this process on the other headlight lens. Thoroughly dry both lenses with the included microfiber cloth.

APPLY: Put on latex gloves before the application process. Remove the Wipe-It cloth from the packaging and wipe the lens from one row to the next, slightly overlapping each stroke. Continue this motion until the surface is completely coated. Repeat this process on the other lens with the same Wipe-It cloth.

DRY: Your headlights will be dry to the touch in 1 hour. Let the product completely cure in shade for 24 hours.