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Halloween Sign

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  • Completed Halloween wreath.
    Halloween Wreath
  • Front porch with Halloween decorations and a teal pumpkin
    Teal Pumpkin





Use Testors Craft Acrylic Paints and Enamel Paint Pen to create a unique 3-D Halloween sign to decorate your front door!

  1. Use a foam or paint brush to paint your design on a wood round with Testors Craft Acrylic Craft Paint. We created a black and white skeleton design for our Halloween sign. Allow the paint to dry.
  2. Paint the wooden beads alternating colors. We used Testors Craft Acrylic Craft Paint in Fuchsia, Green, Purple, Orange and Black. Allow the beads or beaded trim to dry before hot gluing them to the painted wooden round.
  3. Paint a wooden bone shape using Testors Craft Acrylic Craft paint in White. Once the paint is dry, write a message using a Testors Craft Enamel Paint Pen and glue the bone to your sign. For added texture, we also hot glued faux flowers to the sign.
  4. Hang your Halloween sign on your front door and get ready to welcome the trick-or-treaters!

Tip: Be sure to shake the paint pen and repeatedly press the tip firmly up and down on a piece of scrap paper to prime your pen before using.