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Halloween Spider Web Votive Holders

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Spider Web Votives After
  • Estimated Time

    Approximately 24 hours

  • Challenge Level


  • Tools & Supplies:

Cast an eerie shadow with these handmade, spooky spider web votive holders. Create these cool candle holders for this year's Halloween décor. They look great in daylight and in the darkness when lit. 

  1. Clean and thoroughly dry your glass votive holders. 
  2. Apply puffy paint in a spider web pattern to the outside of the glass. 
  3. Once puffy paint is dry, use painter's tape and paper to cover the outside of the glass.
  4. Spray Mirror Effect spray paint to the inside of the votive holder according to the directions on the can.
  5. Once the Mirror Effect has dried for 10 minutes, remove the painter's tape and paper and cover the inside of the votive holder. 
  6. Apply the Aged Rust spray paint to the outside of the votive holders in a light coat, following the instructions on the can. 
  7. Let all spray paint dry for 24 hours.
  8. Use steel wool to rub over the outside of the votive to create a textured look.