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How to Make These LOVE Wooden Block Letters

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DIY LOVE Wooden Block Letters After

These wooden LOVE block letters are easy to make with just a few coats of spray paint and glitter. Here’s how we made them:

  1. PREPARE: Setup your work space in a well-ventilated area and use a drop cloth to protect your surroundings from overspray.
  2. PRIME: Start out with a coat of primer for each letter. To apply the primer, first shake your can of Ultra Cover 2x Primer Spray in Flat White for one minute after the mixing ball begins to rattle. Then, hold the can 10-16” away from the letters, and spray the primer in a steady, sweeping motion. Apply two or more light coats a few minutes apart. Be sure to cover all sides of the letters.
  3. PAINT: Now that your letters are primed, it’s time to paint your “L”, “V”, and “E” letters pink. Shake your can of Ultra Cover 2x Gloss spray paint in Gloss Candy Pink for one minute after the mixing ball begins to rattle. Then, apply 2-3 light coats a few minutes apart using the same technique you used to prime the letters. Set the letters aside to dry.
  4. GLITTER: Now, it’s time to paint the letter “O”. Shake and apply your Glitter spray paint in Silver in a similar fashion to how you applied the pink paint, except this time, hold the can 12-14” away from the letter. Apply multiple light coats until you’ve built up the glitter to your desired look.
  5. SEAL: Once your letter “O” is completely coated in glitter, apply Glitter Clear Sealer to the letter with the same technique. Then, let all of your letters dry for at least an hour.
  6. GLUE: Follow the directions on your extra-strength glue’s label to glue the letter “L” to the top of the “V” and the “O” to the top of the “E”.
  7. FINISH: Let the glue dry completely before displaying.