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Update Your Home Office Space with Spray Paint

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Spray Painted Office After

Spray paint is an easy way to upgrade your home office space to a high-end look without the high-end price. Use ordinary items and give them new life with pops of metallic color. You'll love your new office space.

PREP: Be sure to clean all items so they are free from dust, dirt and any other debris. Cover your work area with a drop cloth to ensure a clean space. Use painter's tape to tape off any spots you don't want to paint on each item. Shake your can of spray paint for one minute after the mixing ball releases. 

PAINT: Hold your can of spray paint 8-12" from the surface and apply light coats of spray paint, waiting a few minutes between each coat to ensure even coverage. 

DRY: Let the spray paint dry for 1 hour before handling and a full 24 hours before use.