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Drum Lace Paint Job

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  1. Remove all hardware. Sand original surface with 320 wet sandpaper Always wipe sanding residue off the surface before spraying paint. Carefully mask rim surfaces to keep paint out from under the head contact area and mask the inside of the drum. Prime with 2X primer.
  2. Sand lightly with 320 grit wet and spray with 2X Black satin or gloss. Repeat sand and spray for at least 3 coats until finish is very smooth and even. Always wipe sanding residue off the surface before spraying EVERY coat of paint. Be sure not to sand through the colors or subsequent clear coats .
  3. Lay lace around drum and trim meeting edges until you can just sew the ends together by hand to produce an unbroken seam without overlap. I usually trimmed the rim sides to have 3 extra on each rim to glue down. I used hot melt glue on masking tape to hold the lace in place. Note the stiffer lace material sticks to the paint too much and caused several redos. Use a soft more stretchy Lace for better results.
  4. Spray the lace as a stencil with the color of your choice. I used the 2X Cobalt Blue Metallic.
  5. Carefully remove the lace from the drum. Replace any masking that came off with the lace. Sand VERY Lightly with 320 wet just to knock the fibers off. Paint will have waves and dips from the stencil thats ok you will remedy this as you put on clear coats. It is imperative not to sand through this coat because this is the only color coat and cant be repaired.
  6. Spray an even coat of 2X Clear Gloss. Using the wet 320grit sand Lightly. Again there will still be dips and waves but they will be a little smaller after each coat of clear. I put on at least 3 coats of clear to attain a smooth surface and gain depth in the finish. Keep going until your satisfied
  7. Polish with a small random orbital polisher with medium and then fine cut polishing compounds until it shines wonderfully. Wax and reassemble the hardware.