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Vintage Refrigerator Makeover

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  1. Ater removing all the bits and pieceshandle plaque door and shelving be sure to take lots of photos and mark the screws/hinges as you remove so you know where to put them back. I sanded down the refrigerator with an angle grinder to bare metal on the heavily rusted spots then sanded the rest to a smooth even surface with my sander.
  2. Clean off dust I used acetone to remove any grease . Then I used a tack cloth just to make sure . Next I applied Rustoleum bare metal primer with a smooth roller. Just the primer made such difference.
  3. Lightly sand the primer and use tack cloth again to remove any dust. Tape off any areas you dont want painted. Next I applied 3 light even coats of Rustoleum Turquoise gloss enamel paint. Having the spray trigger handle made it a breeze went on so smooth and shiney. Such a quick process and so beautiful already.
  4. I also added a white stripe with Rustoleum high gloss white and painted the cap over the handle and used the white on the name plate.
  5. I let it dry for a few days to make sure it was nicely cured and put her all back together. The finish is so shiney...I just cant stop staring at her.