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DIY Spray Painted Patio Lantern

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This strikingly simple outdoor lantern will look great on any patio. Here’s how you can make it in three steps.

  1. PREPARE: Setup your workspace in a well-ventilated area and use a drop cloth to protect from overspray. Tape off the glass in the lantern with painter’s tape to protect it from paint.
  2. PAINT: Shake your can of Ultra Cover 2x Satin spray paint in Satin Heirloom White for one minute after the mixing ball starts to rattle. Then, hold the can 10-16” away from the lantern and spray in a steady back-and-forth motion. Apply 2-3 light coats to the lantern, allowing a few minutes in between each coat. Once the lantern is completely coated, set it aside to dry.
  3. FINISH: Let your lantern dry completely for 24 hours. Once it’s dry, add a battery-powered candle and display on your patio.