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Create a Versatile Firepit Cart with Shutters

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Firepit Cart After

Make a firepit cart to hold everything you need for your next evening party. Rust-Oleum's wood stain and spray paint will help you personalize the piece. 


Project Steps

Step 1
Lightly scuff the wood shutters, plywood and crates so the paint adheres to the surfaces. Using a tack cloth, wipe away any sanding residue. 


Step 2
Over a drop cloth, spray on the primer to the shutters and plywood in slow, back-and-forth motions, overlapping each coat for best coverage. Recoat anytime during the process. Let it dry for at least 30 minutes. 


Step 3
Spray the Matte Harvest Orange onto the shutters and plywood in the same way as the primer. Wait at least 30 minutes before adding a second coat. 


Step 4
Stir the Varathane Wood Stain and mix well before use. With a synthetic brush or lint-free cloth, apply the wood stain liberally to the unfinished wood crates and let the stain sit on the crates for 2-3 minutes before wiping away the excess with a lint-free cloth. Let dry for at least 1 hour. Apply spar urethane top coat for added protection. 


Step 5
Once all wood is dry enough for handling (about 24 hours), start assembling your cart. Screw plywood into the wood shutters to create a middle shelf that will hold your upper crates. 


Step 6
Set crates into place on both shelves and fill your cart with the items you need to get the party started!