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  • A wooden wreath with a light blue anchor in the center hanging on a front door.
    Nautical Summer Wreath
  • A black front door with a yellow sign shaped like a sunflower and the word “welcome” in the center.
    Sunflower Welcome Sign








Give urn planters a spring update with the help of Painter’s Touch 2X Ultra Cover Spray Paint and Varathane Less Mess Stain.

  1. If you prefer a realistic look, tape off the flower stems and blooms separately to paint, or for a monochromatic look, choose a single spray paint color.
  2. Choose a well-ventilated space to complete your project. Shake your can of Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch 2X Ultra Cover Spray Paint for one minute after the mixing ball begins to rattle.
  3. Hold the can 10 -16” from the surface of your wooden flowers and apply the spray paint in a steady, back-and-forth motion, slightly overlapping each stroke. (We used the colors Gloss Berry Pink, Gloss Golden Sunset, Gloss Candy Pink, Gloss Ocean Mist, Satin French Lilac and Satin Moss Green.) Apply a few light coats a few minutes apart to avoid any drips or runs. Apply a second coat within the hour or after 48 hours.
  4. Lightly sand the birdhouses, if needed. We recommend Gator Finishing sanding products. Shake your bottle of Varathane Less Mess Wood Stain and press down to apply pressure to the sponge applicator. Lightly squeeze the sides of the bottle to control stain flow. Apply the stain to your birdhouses in the direction of the wood grain. Use the sponge applicator to wipe off any excess stain in the direction of the wood grain. For additional exterior protection, apply Varathane Ultimate Spar Urethane to the birdhouses, following to the directions on the can.
  5. Once your painted flowers and stained birdhouses are fully dry, arrange them in your urn planters with decorative moss to bring a touch of spring to your front porch!