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Wood Picnic Table project After

  1. Rust-Oleum Restore products are perfect to bring an old wood picnic table back to life. These products can be applied to a new picnic table as well. Assemble the wood picnic table following the instructions provided.
  2. Spread out either a drop cloth or plastic and place the picnic table on it.
  3. Clean the surface using a sponge or small scrub bush and RESTORE DECK & CONCRETE CLEANER.
  4. Using a 4” nap roller or a paint brush’ apply RESTORE DECK START WOOD PRIMER generously to the entire surface.
  5. Thoroughly stir RESTORE 10X ADVANCED RESURFACER and RESTORE 4X DECK COAT material before and during the project.
  6. Begin by painting the vertical surfaces with RESTORE 4X DECK COAT using a paint brush.
  7. Allow the first coat to dry 4-6 hours and then apply the second coat.
  8. Apply RESTORE 10X ADVANCED RESURFACER to the horizontal surfaces.Using a 4” RESTORE HONEYCOMB ROLLER, saturate the roller cover and roll in ONE DIRECTION, with a slight downward pressure to maintain texture.Work to a wet edge at all times.
  9. After coating 1-2 boards, use a putty knife or other straight edge to remove excess coating between boards.
  10. Allow the first coat to dry 4-6 hours and then apply the second coat using the same method as in STEP 8 and STEP 9.
  11. For a smoother surface:While the second coat of RESTORE 10X ADVANCED is still wet, use a brush and lightly brush the product in the opposite direction as rolled.
  12. Allow the picnic table to dry 24 hours before use.
  13. Place on your deck, patio, or porch or in your yard and enjoy!