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Antique Pewter Bookends

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Painted book holders holding booksAfter
  • Estimated Time

    1 Hour

  • Challenge Level


  • Tools & Supplies:

    • Bookends
    • Damp Cloth
    • Drop Cloth Or Old Sheet
Painted book holders holding books After

  1. Scout out a pair of bookends at a local garage sale or flea market. Don't worry if they're a little ordinary -- that's what your creativity is for!
  2. Set up shop on a few drop cloths in the backyard or garage. Or, if you'll be working indoors, open a few windows and turn on a fan to increase ventilation.
  3. You may want to rough up any glossy surfaces with sandpaper first. Clean with soap and water. Rinse and let dry.
  4. Crack open an American Accents® Antique Pewter decorative finishing kit and you're ready for action! Apply metallic base coat to entire surface of book ends and allow to dry for 30 minutes.
  5. Now go ahead and gently rub the base coat with the abrasive pad for maximum adhesion of the top coat. Any questions, consult the all-knowing box instructions.
  6. Using the foam brush, apply the top coat to a small area at a time. (Whistle while you work!)
  7. Immediately dab or wipe off some of the top coat with the wet paper towel or rag, leaving as much or as little in the cracks and crevices as you desire. See Idea Book (included in kit) for additional tips and effects.
  8. When bookends are sufficiently dry, set up your favorite hard covers and admire your antique bookends. You may want to make up an elaborate story about where you found them.