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Give An Old Metal Table A New Look

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Stops Rust Metal Table After After

It doesn't take much to turn a rusted metal end table in to something good as new! If you already own it or find it at the flea market, you can create a statement piece quickly and easily. Stops Rust beautifies and protects against future rust.


Step 1 Sand
Use a sanding block to remove the dirt and rust off the table. This will help create a smooth surface for painting. 


Step 2 Wash
Washing the table with warm, soapy water will help prepare the surface for spray paint. 


Step 3 Prime
Adding a primer is an important step since it helps the paint adhere to the table's surface. Spray the Clean Metal Primer lightly in slow motion to avoid drips. 


Step 4 Paint
Finally, adding Metallic Warm Gold paint gives this table a sophisticated look. Light, even coats create a beautiful finish that will last a long time. Don't forget to let each coat dry for about 30 minutes before adding another.