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Happy Hanukkah

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  • Pink heart made from wood and string
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Hanukkah MenorahAfter
Hanukkah Menorah

  1. Find a well-ventilated area and cover nearby items with drop cloths or old sheets.
  2. Wipe down each glass vase or jar and let dry.
  3. Place the containers upside down on a covered surface.
  4. Hold the Painter's Touch® 2X Ultra Cover® spray paint cans 10-16” from the surface. Press the spray button and begin covering the glass vases or jars in a steady back-and-forth motion, slightly overlapping each stroke.
  5. For best results, apply 2 or more light coats a few minutes apart.
  6. Once fully dry, draw the Star of David to the Gloss Deep Blue vase, using this piece as the center of the Menorah.
  7. Finish off each jar with a clear top coat.