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Wooden Crate Planters

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  • Wooden rectangular box frame painted black with candles positioned inside
  • mirrored bottom serving tray with monogram on mirror
    Mirrored Monogram Tray
Wooden Crate Planters project After

  1. Spread out either a drop cloth or plastic and place the wood crates on it.
  2. Clean the surface using a sponge or small scrub bush and RESTORE DECK & CONCRETE CLEANER.
  3. Using a paint brush, apply RESTORE DECK START WOOD PRIMER generously to the entire surface.
  4. Thoroughly stir material before and during the project.
  5. Using a paint brush, apply the first coat of RESTORE OUTDOOR FURNITURE.
  6. Allow first coat to dry 4-6 hours.Extend drying time if the surface is tacky or soft.
  7. Apply the second coat of RESTORE OUTDOOR FURNITURE with a paint brush.
  8. Allow the second coat to dry 24 hours.
  9. Add a variety of potted plants to the crates.
  10. Display around your yard and deck for you and your neighbors to enjoy!