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Patio Update After
  • Estimated Time

    72 Hours

  • Challenge Level


  • Tools & Supplies:

    • RockSolid Concrete Stain + Sealer in Dark Granite
    • Drop Cloth or Nearby Foliage
    • Bristle Brush or Broom
    • 3/8" or 1/2" Nap Roller
    • Fresh Water Source
    • Pump Sprayer
    • Paint Tray

Keep the cost of a concrete patio upgrade in the "affordable" range with this easy DIY project. Do it with your significant other and feel pride in the outcome. Get the beauty of a stain and the benefits of the sealer, all in one and say yes to the update with RockSolid Concrete Stain + Sealer. 

Scrub the surface with a stiff bristle brush or broom. Rinse thoroughly with fresh water. A power washer is preferred. Repeat as necessary to completely clean and rinse. Allow to dry to the touch (typically 4-6 hours) before applying RockSolid Concrete Stain + Sealer. 

Mask adjacent surfaces to allow spray application up to all edges. Protect delicate foliage from overspray. Apply using a standard pump sprayer with an adjustable spray tip. Stir the container to mix product. Fill pump sprayer with product, then fully pressurize the sprayer. Set the spray tip to a medium-fine mist and spray 10-12” from the surface. Do not pour the sealer directly on the surface or allow to puddle. If using the product as an untinted clear sealer, an alternate method is to apply with a ⅜” or ½” nap roller from a paint tray. Apply the Concrete Stain + Sealer evenly, using a circular or oval pattern to saturate the surface. Start and stop the sprayer just off the work area to prevent drips. For larger areas, work in 6’x6’ sections at a time before moving to the next section. Apply a saturating coat so the surface remains wet for several minutes before sealer is absorbed. Wait 5-10 minutes then back roll with a ⅜” to ½” nap roller to pick up any puddles and soften overlap marks. 

The High Gloss Concrete Stain + Sealer can be tinted with up to 8 ounces of universal colorant per gallon in the store. The Low Gloss Concrete Stain + Sealer can be tinted with up to 4 ounces of universal colorant per gallon in the store. 

Wait a minimum of 4-6 hours for light foot traffic. Wait 24-48 hours before returning heavy items, furniture and vehicles. The surface will be fully cured in 72 hours.

TIP: Do not apply in direct sunlight. Do not apply if rain is expected within 24 hours.