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  • Deck cleaned of all dirt
    Remove Set in Grease Stains from your Deck
  • Rusted Patio Chair Refresh
RockSolid 6x Deck After

A brand new look for your outdoor decking is on your agenda for this DIY date. Grab your partner and tackle this DIY project. The update is easy with RockSolid 6X Deck Coat. 

Thoroughly mix the material before and during project. When using more than one container, combine all containers to ensure color consistency. Using a 9” RockSolid 6X Roller cover, saturate the roller cover and apply a thick coat back and forth. Work to a wet edge at all times. Avoid rolling back into coated areas where drying has begun. Coat 1 to 2 boards at a time. After coating 1-2 boards, use a putty knife or other straight edge to remove excess coating between boards. Difficult areas such as warped or cupped boards will require rolling across the narrow width of the board as well as the length to ensure complete coverage.

Allow 4-6 hours to dry to touch. Allow to dry 24 hours if the temperature is between 50° and 90°F and 48 hours if the temperature is between 40° and 50°F, before light foot traffic and replacing furniture. If the surface is tacky or soft, extend the drying time before putting heavy objects back in place. Full cure to a hard finish will take approximately 7 days.